Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Join US to Celebrate the Middle Eastern Food

Walima is a Middle Eastern Cooking Club, with talented cooks from around the globe.

The Club extends the invitation to all Arab Cooks around the world, as well to every cook who enjoys cooking and has passion for Middle Eastern Cuisine! In the mean time, we do encourage and welcome every cook (blogger and/or non blogger) to join and be part of Walima’s talented and spicy team

Our goal is to accept, support, and appreciate each other; while educating, respecting and indulging in each member’s culture and catering in a family environment. Moreover, to emphasize and generously the nutritional and healthy aspect of Arabic Food!

Our Logo, as many will recognize is taken from one of Lebanese famous Painter, Mustapha Faroukh’s “Still Life Album". I had the privilege to be given the permission from Faroukh’s family to have it as our Team Logo.

Looking excitedly to hear from you soon!!!!!


  1. this blog looks good...looking forward to seeing many bloggers joining in our special kitchen.

  2. Nice job Arlette, I know that this blog is a lot extra work for you, I think it's a good way to bring the Arabic food cultures closer together as well as a chance to improve our own creativity.

  3. Thank you ladies,

    I am glad you like the new sites, Inshallah this will be a blessing and brings many more cooks to join us

  4. sure we all like the new sites
    it's great jop ... for great people

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this blog, Arlette! I actually attempted to start a middle eastern food blog a couple of months ago but I have yet to post on it. This will be excellent inspiration =)

  6. يرافو عليكم يا اعضاء الوليمة
    sure we can to be broud of this team
    and we can do the best
    thank u all

  7. I'd love to join in arlette:)

  8. I would love to join please